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Artist Bio


Lynn Floriano is a working artist and educator. She exhibits her contemporary enamels and jewelry in the Chicago area. She has exhibited her work with the American Craft Council and the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Her work  was exhibited with The International Enamelist’s Society Exhibit, “Alchemy.” Her work has been purchased by museum stores, corporations, and individuals and she has won numerous awards. Her work has been featured in Art/Jewelry Magazine (January 2009 & 2012, Gallery) and published in American Art Collector (Alcove Books). Exhibits include 2018 American Craft Exhibition, St, Paul Minn. In 2017, Chicago Art & Design Show at Navy Pier, Chicago, Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival,Glencoe. Il.  Galleries have included LillStreet Art Gallery, Chicago,Il,2013- 2015 and D.Clayton Callery in Door County 2014

Lynn’s love of color is easily satisfied by the medium of enameling. She incorporates in her pieces the techniques of limoge, cloisonné and grisaille enamels. She enjoys the rich surfaces, textures and depth she can achieve with enamels. The enameled pieces are layered in silver, set like a stone or attached with prongs or screws. Each enameled piece is fired 10-30 times in a kiln at 1400-1500  degrees. 

She combines metals and enamels to make them do what may seem uncharacteristic; flow, bend, appear fragile, hold precious things such as enamels, found objects and precious stones. Her work is reminiscent of the elegant forms of nature, which is forever evolving and generating new inspiration.

Lynn’s time is limited with teaching, family and studio work but she enjoys volunteering when she can.

Lynn teaches in the Art and Design Dept. at Columbia College, Chicago (adjunct faculty)  and at College of Lake County in the Fine Arts Dept (adjunct faculty). She has also taught workshops at Columbia College/Chicago and Bowling Green State University, Ohio, where she received her M.A. and M.F.A. 


Artist's Statement

My work is reminiscent of the elegant forms of nature that to me, have spiritual and        

abstract qualities that forever fascinate me. 

 My love of color is easily satisfied in the medium of enamels. The techniques I am working in are cloisonné, limoge, and grisaille. I enjoy the rich surfaces, textures, and depth that I can achieve with enamels. I also enjoy the combination of metals and enamel. I love making metal do what may seem uncharacteristic; flow, bend around, look soft and fragile, hold precious things.


The enameled pieces are set in metal like a bezeled stone or layered with screws and prongs. The pieces are always surrounded by silver or gold. Each enameled piece is fired 10-20 times in a kiln at 1450-1500’ F. Each firing is 1-3 minutes. In some pieces, the work is narrative: the words on silver holding enamels and found objects. Looking, seeing, holding the tiniest seed or leaf connects me to a beautiful world.      


Lynn Floriano

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